Great Big Love

by Michael Levy

Released 11/01/2017
Released 11/01/2017
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  • 04:57 Story Lyrics The Ballad of Bill McKibben

    It was 1988 when young Bill was jarred awake
    With the question “Is the world getting hotter?”
    If time flies like an arrow bearing news of what’s to come,
    Bill reached up his writer’s hand and caught her.

    From his cabin in the hills, Bill thought we would find the will
    Now that we knew, the action would be startin’
    But nobody wanted to hear, and with each passing year
    We dug ourselves deeper in the carbon.

    Katrina came and went, and Mr. Gore made a serious dent
    The world learned that the truth was inconvenient
    Bill put down his pen—too little snow at Lake Champlain
    Better get the word out now and mean it.

    He gathered a little crew—They laced up their hiking shoes
    Marching across Vermont to wake creation
    Arriving in Burlington, a thousand had grown from one
    The papers said, “a record demonstration.”

    2007: the cards are dealt, and the Arctic starts to melt
    Scientists shake their heads in consternation
    What can one person do, living in the belly stew
    Of the world’s most avid oil-consuming nation?

    Somehow assemble power—Step It Up hour by hour
    Eggheads with their studies get no traction
    Bill and a few young minds, in only three months time
    Fourteen hundred rallies for climate action

    Leaders in denial, CO2 mounts all the while
    Hansen says 350 is our ceiling
    Spread it ‘round the globe, make sure everybody knows
    Sound the trumpets, let’s see who the call brings

    It turns out in every place—people are on the case
    15,000 march in Ethiopia
    Asian and black and brown—the poor and the young are down
    350’s heard from Egypt to Estonia

    Asleep in some motel, Bill rests up, the truth to tell
    One more TV spot or climate rally
    Trudging the speakers’ trail, sometimes a night in jail
    Dreaming of back home in Champlain Valley

    Bill says I run this race—in the name of my place
    The tang of the frost when Fall hits the Adirondacks
    Breadloaf and Otter Creek, Mt. Mansfield to the east
    With these in my mind I find that my heart is on track

    If you want a clue of what a force of nature can do
    You might check out the one called Bill McKibben
    And if we save our skin, it will be because, like him
    We stand up for these places that we live in

    What can a person do, here in the belly stew?
    Never thought he’d even be a leader
    Bill and a few young minds, in only three months time
    Fourteen hundred rallies for climate action
    Breadloaf and Otter Creek, Mt. Mansfield to the east
    With these in my mind I find that my heart is on track


  • 04:50 Story Lyrics Joe's Celestial Pawn Shop

    Intro: I’m pulling into the parking lot of Joe’s Celestial Pawn Shop

    In my Thor Galaxie – chariot of gods

    I’m just a minor deity; I’m sure you’ve never heard of me

    But believe me up here they all love my shop

    Come on in then – past this curtain of quasars...


    Chorus 1: Somebody left this pretty planet back in 2016

    Look, it still floats and turns

    I guess it got a little sunburned

    Little bit of work—get the ocean to come down some

    You look like you know antiques

    So you can see, it’s priced real cheap


    Can you believe the crap that some folks bring in here?

    Here’s a bucket of moons—not one with any atmosphere

    But this one’s nice, I even showed it to my wife

    Pretty hard to please her though—she’s like, “Does it have intelligent life?”


    Refrain: ‘Round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round
    Ooh, yeah (2X)


    Chorus 2: But it’s a pretty planet, from 2016

    It still floats and turns

    I guess it got a little sunburned

    Little bit of work—get the ocean to come down some

    Yeah, it’s a real nice find, if you’re the fixer-up kind


    I’d like to give the owner a good talking-to

    Shouldna let things get so bad—shoulda used his god juju

    A few well-placed angels, woulda set the people straight

    Put a stop to the ecocide, and all that nasty war and hate


    Refrain: ‘Round and round.....


    Chorus 3: But it’s on sale, ever since 2016

    It still floats and turns

    I guess it got a little sunburned

    Little bit of work—get the ocean to come down some

    I believe with some TLC, it could work again beautifully

    I’ve seen worse and you think they’re done

    Just needed that special someone


    Coda: Thousands of planets coming through the door

    But they don’t make orbs like this no more

    Four billion years beyond pristine

    But it could be...somebody’s dream

    It could be...somebody’s dream


  • 03:27 Story Lyrics Another World

    The heat rose off the tarmac as the wheat fields lay down slow

    Yielding an empty harvest with their fall

    We saw the ice give in from our windows on the wing

    Never thought our home would look so small


    Chorus: Helpless sky

    As our hungers [3rd X: numbers] were unfurled

    Beautiful one, in the darkness

    You will become another world


    90 days and 90 nights, a winter without rain

    In a dream, the ocean takes the lawn

    Far away an island suffers, far away they flee

    Sprinklers hiss a warning in the dawn




    Bridge: At the point where tragedy meets mystery

    On the edge where hope remains in view

    Human spirits on the mountainside try

    To bring another world

    To bring another world, before this one’s through



  • 05:02 Story Lyrics Beautiful


    Dawn of a working day
    Crescendo of the freeway
    Doesn’t seem to have a living face
    Always on the run
    Until the revolution—I
    can barely see the human for the race, but




    You the sunrise on the plain
    Like the shimmering dew on every leaf hung by the rain
    Like the flash of crimson fire...on a hummingbird in light
    And the secret music written by the dolphins in the night


    You find a patch of green
    To slip out of the dream
    There’s a flock of seagulls cross the sky
    And though we fly in jets
    We’re still not there yet
    I wanna see a change before I die, ‘cause







    After the push and shove
    At home I look for love
    I can feel a star behind your eye
    Halfway out of sight
    Maybe lost in the night
    But I’ve more than half a mind to try, ‘cause






  • 04:15 Story Lyrics Australopithecus

    Verse 1:
    We lived down by the river pool, where the water’s still and clear
    She was nursing the youngest one; I was sharpening my spear
    Meat was getting hard to find; something changing in our world
    She said to me one icy morning, “Might not be enough for both our girls”

    Australopithecus....Homo habilis....Homo erectus....and heidelbergensis
    Cousin Neanderthal and Homo sapiens, the wise one

    Verse 2:
    Band of strangers come upstream; someone said they’re not our kind
    They’re eating all the roots and berries—if not for that I wouldn’t mind
    Every day another fight, with another ape in skins
    No one knows quite what to do, these days when patience is so thin


    I know that I am just an animal, though I dream in steel and oil flows through my veins
    Like an animal I need you near me—Will anything I trusted still remain?
    Shadows lay heavy on the city now, as this long summer day becomes twilight
    Don't slip away from me....

    Verse 3:
    Went down to the grocery, looking for our daily bread (mob scene)
    Meat is getting hard to buy; got something in a can instead (green protein)
    She asked me just the other day, why the rain won’t seem to come (dry ground)
    River flood of scientists, they say it’s something that we’ve done

    Final chorus:
    Australopithecus....Homo habilis....Homo erectus....and heidelbergensis
    All have fallen, but not Homo sapiens, the wise one.


  • 04:55 Story Lyrics The Green Billionaire

    The green billionaire is speaking with passion

    From his pulpit at the head of the room

    See how he shines like a Virgin messiah

    Ain’t gonna save us anytime soon


    Been to the mountaintop and seen the light

    And here he come with tablets of gold

    But now that all we had is looted and melted

    That magic trick seems a little bit old


    Chorus: It’s us

    Just us

    It’s up to us

    Only us


    And now he’s buddies with the boards of directors

    Of Big Green this and Eco that

    They’re clinking drinks over sustainable lunches

    That kind of food can really make you fat




    Bridge: Letting go of hope ain’t easy

    When there seems no other choice

    But when you find your guru’s sleazy

    Sorta helps you find your voice


    Been to the mountaintop and seen the light

    And here he come with tablets of steel

    But now that every kiss is measured for market

    It doesn’t matter how inspired you feel, because...



  • 04:00 Story Lyrics Three Exits

    I can’t stop I have to keep on rolling ‘cause there’s danger’s up ahead and it’s coming towards me
    The closer I get to it, the more it approaches and that’s why I am attempting to flee
    Looking up I see my own reflection there in every other driver likewise checking their mirror
    I know we’re headed for disaster with this going ever faster and we gotta get outta here!

    Chorus: Barreling down the road
    What the signs say I don’t wanna know
    70 miles an hour is much too slow
    When there’s only three exits left to go.

    Turn up the radio, tell me something I don’t know, the weather is so hot that it fries
    In the back seat, a glow, they’re watching next year’s video, the dark one where the Earth almost dies
    I remember being small and speed was not a thing at all I just wanted a little control
    Got on this road one day, a free way I guess you’d say, I never knew the size of the toll

    Chorus: Barreling down the road
    What the signs say I don’t wanna know
    75 miles an hour is much too slow
    When there’s only two exits left to go.

    Everything’s accelerating so, the information flow, the things I have to do to even survive
    As the roadway rises to a silicon staccato I’m so lively that I’m barely alive
    Buckled into liberty, indentured to velocity, I guess I am the free world’s champ
    There’s no stopping, no U-turn and no Da Capo, now I’m praying that there’s still one more exit ramp

    Chorus: Barreling down the road
    What the signs say, I think that I know
    79 miles an hour is much too slow
    When there’s only one exit go


  • 06:23 Story Lyrics Blockadia

    Too much comfort—means not outraged enough

    That wasn’t a problem—in the Niger Delta

    An Exxon Valdez—spilled every year

    Yet not enough fuel for those—living in the poisoned land

    Thousands marched—without a gun or a bomb among them

    Flowed onto the platforms—like liquid life

    In the end Shell pulled out—out of Ogoni land

    Though tanks and warships—beat the people down

    In the end the land heals—around those left standing

    On the burgeoning road—to Blockadia.

    And they sing:


    Chorus: Love will save this place


    “Look at the treaties,” said Grandmother’s voice

    In a mysterious dream—deep in the American night

    “But who will stand with us?” Spotted Eagle wondered

    As a snake of black tar took shape in the corporate mind

    The elders gathered—with some invited guests

    A few nervous ranchers—in their ceremonial hats

    Dusty boots and moccasins rode together into Washington

    They raised a line of tipis—on the National Mall

    Disaster divides—or heals and unifies, it seems

    In the light on the injured hills—of Blockadia

    And somebody says:


    Chorus: Love will save this place


    They’re taking all of the above—to get to all of the below

    Some of us don’t see it—till it runs over our toes

    From liquidated forests—to eviscerated hills

    Oil bomb trains—leaky fracking wells

    One day we refuse—one day our love says “no”

    That’s what profit can’t get—can’t understand how it goes

    I may never see your face—in Skouries or Romania

    But we’re all shoulder to shoulder—in the heart of Blockadia

    Wherever people say:


    Chorus: Love will save this place

  • 05:08 Story Lyrics Emunah's Eyes

    They say power concedes nothing without a fight

    But for someone in your dreams do you think you might?

    Could it be there is a need out past comfort and greed?

    Like a grain of sun buried deep in the night?


    Would you give up your screen life? Would you give up your cloud?

    Would you give up the room in your heart where no one’s ever allowed?

    Would you be a volunteer to carry these seeds through one more year

    Though you’ll never see them grow tall on the hill

    But Emunah’s eyes will


    It’s a very long reach for those of us who are doing fine

    To lay our bodies on the gears and levers of history’s greatest crime

    It’s not for praise or fame, or for shelter from somebody’s blame

    It’s to come alive in the present time


    Would you give up Hawaii? If I give up my car?

    Would we give up our little spot where we watch the world from afar?

    Would you be a volunteer.....(etc.)



    Emunah’s eyes light up with the new day, it’s the only one there is

    She’s making tea with weeds from the garden, and now she wants to kiss

    Like a cyclone rising up she’s laughing, like a hurricane she cries

    The impossible is possible in Emunah’s eyes


    Maybe love was never made for a place like this

    Where the future’s hidden in the palm of a tightened fist

    Maybe it’s by sleight of heart—maybe like a child we start

    I think she’s up there somewhere dancing beyond the mist


    Did we give up our armies? Did we release our guns?

    Did we give up the ancient stories that kept us all on the run

    Could we be the volunteers that carried these seeds to a distant year

    Though we’d never see them grow tall on the hill

    But Emunah’s eyes will.

  • 04:07 Story Lyrics Stand Up (featuring Tammi Brown)

    Chorus: Gonna stand up (stand up people)
    Passion bring a light where there once was none
    Yeah, stand up (stand up people)
    Action lift the night when we rise as one

    Verse 1: Bent from sitting down too long
    Tired of singing a sorry song
    Arm in arm at the top of our lungs
    That’s how a song of joy is sung

    Someone lift their head
    and they make a sound
    There’s a holy noise
    coming from the ground


    Verse 2: We come with our little candles
    Though we were raised to burn alone
    Limping in from distant places
    Slowly we light our way home



    Intro/ Ferguson...Immokalee...Standing Rock...Montgomery

    Chorus + tag


  • 06:33 Story Lyrics Will You Walk With Me

    If the summer sun seems to beat my skin, will you raise some shade with me?

    If I don’t recognize the place I’m in, will you be a home to me?

    If the tide won’t cease its coming in, will you build a raft with me?

    In these times, will you walk with me?


    When the balance tips and the center’s lost, will you look for it with me?

    When no one can stop, no matter the cost, will you sit down with me?

    When the river’s too wide but it must be crossed, will you swim anyway with me?

    In these times, will you walk with me?



    Will you walk with me, though the path’s uncertain and the destination recedes?

    Though the map is torn and tattered, and the landscape fades and bleeds?

    Walk with me and I’ll walk with you, ‘cause I can’t climb this hill alone

    Oh-----walk with me.


    When Goliath seems to rule it all, will you disbelieve with me?

    When I can’t remember the young one’s call, will you echo it for me?

    When I doubt in life after the fall, will you write a song with me?

    In these times, will you walk with me?





    All of us....together........rising.....faster than the sea

    All of us....together........raising the new path with our feet

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