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We are living at the most significant, dangerous, and potentially unifying turning point in the history of human beings. Some people call it the climate crisis; others call it The Great Turning. In any case, we need music to help us through it.

The songs I wrote for this purpose became the Great Big Love project -- songs of grief and celebration, solidarity, sobering reality and hope. My intent is to help us face and embrace our extraordinary and sometimes frightening historical moment joyfully. When we connect around music, we can find the courage to look at hard things because when we are together we can sense that we don't have to be defeated.

This music is rockin', no matter your political spectrum. For activists in particular, the songs can be a huge asset. When we're working for change, we often have a hard time stopping to feel and connect deeply...and yet we are far more effective if we do. Some of the tunes are good for crying. Some are good for laughing. And some for dancing!

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