From the recording Great Big Love

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We lived down by the river pool, where the water’s still and clear
She was nursing the youngest one; I was sharpening my spear
Meat was getting hard to find; something changing in our world
She said to me one icy morning, “Might not be enough for both our girls”

Australopithecus....Homo habilis....
Homo erectus....and heidelbergensis
Cousin Neanderthal and Homo sapiens, the wise one

Band of strangers come upstream; someone said they’re not our kind
They’re eating all the roots and berries—if not for that I wouldn’t mind
Every day another fight, with another ape in skins
No one knows quite what to do, these days when patience is so thin


I know that I am just an animal, though I dream in steel and oil flows through my veins
Like an animal I need you near me—Will anything I trusted still remain?
Shadows lay heavy on the city now, as this long summer day becomes twilight
Don't slip away from me....

Went down to the grocery, looking for our daily bread (mob scene)
Meat is getting hard to buy; got something in a can instead (green protein)
She asked me just the other day, why the rain won’t seem to come (dry ground)
River flood of scientists, they say it’s something that we’ve done

Final chorus: Australopithecus....Homo habilis...
Homo erectus....and heidelbergensis
All have fallen, but not Homo sapiens, the wise one.