1. Beautiful

From the recording Great Big Love

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Humans are beautiful.


 Dawn of a working day
Crescendo of the freeway
Doesn’t seem to have a living face
Always on the run
Until the revolution—Ican barely see the human for the race, but
You are....like the sunrise on the plain
Like the shimmering dew on every leaf hung by the rain
Like the flash of crimson fire...on a hummingbird in light
And the secret music written by the dolphins in the night
You find a patch of green
To slip out of the dream
There’s a flock of seagulls cross the sky
And though we fly in jets
We’re still not there yet
I wanna see a change before I die, ‘cause
After the push and shove
At home I look for love
I can feel a star behind your eye
Halfway out of sight
Maybe lost in the night
But I’ve more than half a mind to try, ‘cause