1. Emunah's Eyes

From the recording Great Big Love

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 Emunah was about 8 when I wrote this song. But there's another Emunah in 200 years.


They say power concedes nothing without a fight
But for someone in your dreams do you think you might?
Could it be there is a need out past comfort and greed?
Like a grain of sun buried deep in the night?
Would you give up your screen life? Would you give up your cloud?
Would you give up the room in your heart where no one’s ever allowed?
Would you be a volunteer to carry these seeds through one more year
Though you’ll never see them grow tall on the hill
But Emunah’s eyes will
It’s a very long reach for those of us who are doing fine
To lay our bodies on the gears and levers of history’s greatest crime
It’s not for praise or fame, or for shelter from somebody’s blame
It’s to come alive in the present time
Would you give up Hawaii? If I give up my car?
Would we give up our little spot where we watch the world from afar?
Would you be a volunteer.....(etc.)
Emunah’s eyes light up with the new day, it’s the only one there is
She’s making tea with weeds from the garden, and now she wants to kiss
Like a cyclone rising up she’s laughing, like a hurricane she cries
The impossible is possible in Emunah’s eyes
Maybe love was never made for a place like this
Where the future’s hidden in the palm of a tightened fist
Maybe it’s by sleight of heart—maybe like a child we start
I think she’s up there somewhere dancing beyond the mist
Did we give up our armies? Did we release our guns?
Did we give up the ancient stories that kept us all on the run
Could we be the volunteers that carried these seeds to a distant year
Though we’d never see them grow tall on the hill
But Emunah’s eyes will.